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Founder & Former 1st President (2022-2024)

Ebru Dağlı

Ebru Dağlı, a graduate in Architectural Restoration and Occupational Safety and Health, is recognized for her deep interest in architectural structures.


She has honed her skills in these areas and is known for her talent in technical drawing. Dağlı's journey with Eolisa Space began by working at the Eolisa company, where she played significant roles in the development of the company's products and designs. During this time, she contributed critically to the company's expansion into international markets. Together with Onur Evgin, they aimed to establish Eolisa Space with the revenues generated, and under Evgin's leadership, Eolisa achieved its first milestone of 1 million in revenue in 2021. However, due to the economic and currency crisis in Türkiye, the company entered a challenging period in 2022 and eventually closed in the last quarter of the year.

Moreover, Eolisa Space could not be realized under the harsh financial constraints in our country. During a period when Evgin was facing personal challenges, Dağlı took a pioneering role in securing the necessary financial resources for the establishment of Eolisa Space. By mobilizing her own resources, she laid the foundations of Eolisa Space and took on significant responsibility in the company's formation. Thus, the journey of Eolisa Space, dating back two years, officially began with Dağlı's efforts.

The journey of Eolisa Space, which began two years ago, gained official status under Dağlı's leadership and rose from the ashes anew. Ebru Dağlı's sacrifice saved Eolisa Space from absolute disaster, ensuring not just the company's existence but also its leading role in the fields of space science and technology.

Additionally, the visit of Cosmonaut Sergey Ryazanskiy, the formation of the Space Pioneers, and the initiation of our Telescope project are accomplishments that were realized during her tenure.

After handing over the presidency, she continues in her new official capacity as Strategic Advisor within our institution

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Current President (2024-20--)

Onur H. Evgin

Onur H. Evgin, as the current President of Eolisa Space, has been instrumental in driving the company's vision forward. His leadership focuses on establishing Eolisa Space as a premier entity in space research and development. Under his guidance, Eolisa Space is setting new standards in the space industry, prioritizing innovation, collaboration, and excellence.

Evgin's strategic initiatives aim to expand Eolisa Space's capabilities, enhancing its role in scientific research and space exploration. He has been pivotal in the development and execution of major projects, ensuring they align with the company's mission to advance space technology and education.

As President, Evgin fosters a culture of integrity and dedication within Eolisa Space, encouraging a collaborative environment where pioneering ideas can thrive. His approach is characterized by a commitment to transparency and a drive to achieve the highest standards in all endeavors.

Under his leadership, Eolisa Space continues to build on its foundations, aiming to become a global leader in the space sector. Evgin's forward-thinking vision is shaping the future of the company, ensuring it remains at the forefront of space innovation and research.

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