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Stellar Innovations:

Crafting the Next Era of Space Exploration

Signature Ventures

Eolisa Space© Academy

The Eolisa Space Academy is poised to become a crucible for nurturing the space visionaries of tomorrow. Located in the dynamic city of Izmir, this revolutionary education center will immerse children and youth in the realms of space science, cutting-edge technologies, and principles of sustainable living. Here, students will be offered a unique opportunity to unlock the mysteries of the universe, engaging in both virtual and tangible explorations through realistic gravity and planetary simulations.

Crafted as a multidisciplinary learning sanctuary, the academy is meticulously designed to cultivate critical thinking and scientific inquiry. Aiming to foster a generation ignited by a passion for science and technology, this educational platform will merge theoretical knowledge with practical experience through hands-on, experiential learning methods.

The Eolisa Space Academy will cater to diverse age groups and skill levels, establishing itself as the perfect gateway for aspiring astronauts, space scientists, and advocates of sustainable living. Through its comprehensive programs, the academy aspires to lay the foundational stones for the leaders of the future, enabling them to venture into the cosmos with a solid grounding in the principles that will drive humanity forward.

New Generetion, New Horizons

The Eolisa Space® Academy is on the cusp of revolutionizing space education, shaping the astronauts and space scientists of tomorrow through an unparalleled educational platform. Our planned academy will span four main complexes, each designed to furnish students with the knowledge and experiences necessary for conquering the final frontier.

Educational and Instructional Complex: This facility aims to immerse students in the fundamental principles of space sciences and technologies, providing a depth of understanding poised to propel them into leadership roles in the space sector.

Virtual Reality Complex: Through lifelike space simulations and interactive learning experiences, this complex will offer students unprecedented exploration opportunities, allowing them to navigate the cosmos as if they were truly among the stars.

Artificial Planetary Ecosystem Complex: By simulating the ecosystems and soil properties of various planets, this area will equip students with practical knowledge and experiences regarding interplanetary life and sustainability, preparing them for the challenges of living beyond Earth.

Support Services Complex: Catering to the essential needs of students, this complex ensures that all dietary and basic requirements are met, allowing learners to focus on their studies without distractions.

These complexes are designed not only to provide students with a solid foundation in science and technology but also to instill a vision of sustainable living in space. Our academy, planned to be powered by solar panels and other green energy systems, will not only minimize its environmental footprint but also take significant strides in developing a sustainable model of life in space. The energy solutions derived from these initiatives will be offered to the public, ensuring affordable and efficient access to green energy.

The Eolisa Space Academy aims to make space sciences accessible, understandable, and thrilling for students. Our mission is to acquaint young minds with the excitement of space exploration and open doors to careers in science and technology.

Students will apply their theoretical knowledge in practical settings, embarking on virtual reality expeditions across the Martian surface, understanding the dynamics of living on a space station, and piloting spacecraft. In the Artificial Planetary Ecosystem Complex, they will delve into the atmospheric and ecosystem characteristics of different planets, using this information to design new life forms and colonization strategies.

Graduates will not only leave with unforgettable experiences and valuable knowledge but will also embark on a long-term career journey with Eolisa Space. After completing their education, students will have the opportunity to participate in various Eolisa Space projects, contributing to space research and exploration.

The Eolisa Space Academy aspires to be more than an educational institution; it seeks to be a mission that changes the world. If you wish to be part of this innovative approach to education, don't miss the opportunity to invest. Let's explore the secrets of space while cultivating the next generation of scientists and leaders of innovation together.

The Eolisa Space School aims to inspire and educate the next generation of space visionaries through a human-centered approach. Our school will provide hands-on learning experiences and interactive simulations led by experienced educators and scientists. By focusing on human-led instruction, we ensure that students gain a deep, nuanced understanding of space sciences and high technologies. Eolisa Space is committed to nurturing young minds with human mentorship, preparing them to tackle the challenges of the future. In a world where AI is becoming prevalent, we stand by the importance of human touch in education, ensuring that the values of creativity, critical thinking, and collaboration are upheld.

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Eolisa Space© Research Center

At Eolisa Space, we are forging a gateway to the vast expanse of the universe through our Space Research Center. This center is poised to become an international hub for research spanning a myriad of scientific fields. Offering unparalleled opportunities for groundbreaking work in astrophysics, biology, chemistry, geology, and beyond, we are opening new horizons in space science.

The Space Research Center is destined to be a gathering place for researchers and scientists from across the globe, uniting in their quest to uncover the mysteries of extraterrestrial life, the origins of the universe, and what the future holds. More than just a workplace, it will serve as a source of inspiration, pushing scientists towards the unknown with a sense of purpose and curiosity.

This facility will provide scientists access to data previously out of reach, potentially accelerating the discovery of extraterrestrial life. Positioned to be a focal point for discovery, progress, and innovation, the center will host the scientific community, aiding our journey to unravel the secrets of the universe. The Space Research Center aims to be a platform that utilizes science and technology to decode the mysteries of the cosmos.

The Eolisa Space® Research Center:

Pioneering the Next Frontier

Eolisa Space is set to emerge as a beacon of innovation and a nexus of discovery, pushing the frontiers of space exploration and research into the international realm. The cornerstone of our ambitious vision is the Eolisa Space Research Center, a facility that will redefine the boundaries of scientific inquiry and boldly venture into the uncharted territories of the cosmos.

Destined to host research across a multitude of scientific disciplines, from astrophysics to biology and from chemistry to geology, the center will invite experts from around the globe. This sophisticated and multifaceted establishment will serve as a collaborative campus, uniting scientists, researchers, and astronauts in a collective quest to explore and decipher the universe.

Unlocking the Doors to the Cosmos

The Research Center will facilitate access to data that has remained elusive, probing the possibilities of extraterrestrial life with its state-of-the-art telescopes. These instruments, capable of reaching the farthest corners of space, will be instrumental in collecting critical astrophysical data. Integrated advanced communication systems will ensure seamless connections between space and Earth, crucial for real-time analysis and data transmission.

Embarking on Interstellar Voyages

The facility will also feature launch capabilities, providing a pivotal platform for spacecraft and payloads to embark on their journey into the depths of space. Essential for the success of long-duration missions and exploratory activities, this launchpad, alongside a dedicated hangar for space vehicles' maintenance and preparation, underscores the center’s role in pioneering space exploration.

A Catalyst for Economic Growth and Scientific Innovation

More than just a testament to human curiosity, the Eolisa Space Research Center will act as a catalyst for economic expansion and a hub for technological breakthroughs. It aims to foster international collaborations and attract global investments, positioning itself as a formidable player in the space exploration arena.

Engaging Society and Empowering Investors

With a commitment to backing its ambitious projects, Eolisa Space will ensure a portion of its revenue from commercial ventures is funneled back into its pioneering initiatives. This opens up unprecedented opportunities for investors and entrepreneurs to partake in an enterprise that transcends conventional boundaries.

Exclusive Benefits for Our Team

In the near future, Eolisa Space intends to equip its team with specialized bank cards, fully integrated with the P. These cards will not only serve traditional financial functions but also provide employees with a range of exclusive perks, including discounts and promotions from our esteemed partners.


The Eolisa Space Research Center is envisioned as more than a structure; it represents a commitment to advancing our understanding of the universe. This center will be a cornerstone for future discoveries, potentially unlocking new forms of life and expanding our knowledge of the cosmos. It aligns with Eolisa Space's overarching objectives, cementing our status as a leader in the space sector. We look forward to witnessing this thrilling phase of exploration, together, in the not-too-distant future.

The Eolisa Space Research Center represents our vision for an international hub of research and innovation, driven by human expertise. This base will support diverse scientific fields such as astrophysics, biology, chemistry, and geology. We pledge to maintain human oversight in all research activities, ensuring that the insights and decisions are made by qualified professionals. By prioritizing human involvement, we aim to create a sustainable environment where technological advancements are complemented by human wisdom. Eolisa Space is committed to using AI minimally, focusing instead on empowering researchers and scientists to explore and understand the cosmos. This approach will ensure that our space base remains a beacon of human ingenuity and collaboration.



Eolisa Space® is poised to launch an ambitious project that will catapult humanity closer to the stars:

The Eolisa Space Observatory and Telescope Fleet. This initiative will establish a network of observatories equipped with state-of-the-art telescopes, not bound to a single nation but reaching across continents to awaken a global passion for the cosmos. This visionary project, integrating advanced technology and software solutions, particularly through the EOLS Hub, will significantly enhance both educational and research capabilities.

Formation of the Telescope Fleet

The fleet, consisting of 50 telescopes, aims to foster a widespread engagement with space sciences through diverse observational activities. These efforts will not only draw the community closer to the mysteries of the universe but also support the financing of the observatory project through the revenues generated.

The Observatory: A Nexus for Research and Learning

As the fleet gains momentum, it will evolve into a comprehensive observatory serving as a multi-functional facility for exploring the depths of space and our solar system. It will host a variety of research and educational activities, offering students, educators, and scientists a conducive environment for discovery and innovation.

Integration with EOLS Hub

The EOLS Hub application, developed by Eolisa Space, will seamlessly integrate with the observatory and telescope fleet, facilitating educational content, observational activities, and project presentations. This platform will unite space enthusiasts and professionals, fostering community participation and feedback.

Societal and Scientific Contributions

Designed to enlighten and engage the public with space sciences, the project will provide hands-on educational and research opportunities. The observatory and telescope fleet will make significant contributions to the advancement of space sciences globally, broadening the impact and reach of Eolisa Space's leadership in the field.

This project represents a monumental step forward in expanding the realms of space science and education. By establishing the observatory and telescope fleet and integrating them with the EOLS Hub, Eolisa Space is set to reinforce its standing as a leader in space exploration, enhancing its role in global space discoveries. This initiative transcends national boundaries, inviting international investments and collaborations to join us in a shared mission to unravel the universe's secrets together.

The Eolisa Space Observatory and Telescope Fleet project stands as a testament to our dedication to human-driven exploration and research. As we develop a fleet of 50 telescopes and a central observatory, our approach will heavily rely on the expertise of astronomers, scientists, and researchers. Unlike other projects that may automate these tasks, we are committed to using human intellect to analyze astronomical data, conduct research, and engage the public. This human-centric approach ensures that skilled individuals continue to find meaningful employment and contribute to groundbreaking discoveries. Eolisa Space is dedicated to fostering a future where human and technological advancements coexist harmoniously, enhancing our understanding of the universe.



Mobile Education, Software and Collaboration Platform Opening the Door to Space

Eolisa Space© is embarking on a transformative journey with the EOLS Hub:

A groundbreaking Mobile Education and Collaboration Platform that will serve as a nexus for the next generation of space scientists, enthusiasts, and entrepreneurs worldwide. This innovative app is designed to democratize the vast, enthralling realm of astronomy, making it accessible and engaging for all.

What EOLS Hub Offers:

Space Education: EOLS Hub will demystify complex astrophysics and space science, offering a fun, engaging way to learn. Users will have access to interactive materials on celestial tracking, solar system exploration, and much more, fostering a deeper connection with the cosmos.

Project Presentation: The platform encourages users to showcase their space-related projects and ideas, fostering creative thought and enabling valuable feedback from a community of like-minded individuals.

Direct Communication with Eolisa Space: Users can interact directly with Eolisa Space's founding team and leading minds like Ebru Dağlı, opening up avenues for inquiries and collaborative opportunities.

Community Engagement: EOLS Hub will act as a meeting point for space aficionados and professionals, encouraging participation in space-related activities and fostering a sense of belonging within the space exploration community.

Telescope Network and Live Broadcasts: Embracing a community-centric approach to uncovering the universe's secrets, Eolisa Space will link its telescopes with those of partnering brands, creating a vast network that supports scientific data flow and live celestial observations. This initiative opens up real-time exploration of space's depths to everyone.

Scientific Data Collection and Sharing: Eolisa Space is committed to enhancing public involvement in space sciences, playing a pivotal role by sharing valuable observational data collected globally with scientific boards, universities, and interested corporations. This effort will bolster scientific research and discoveries.

Future Software Ventures:

As a rising star in the space technology sector, Eolisa Space aims to anchor its projects with innovative software solutions. With future investments, we plan to launch four key software projects:

  1. Space Transportation Software: Designed for future space transport activities, this software will automate navigation and propulsion systems, ensuring efficient and safe satellite launches and orbital placements.

  2. Eolisa Space Facility Software: To optimize operations within Eolisa Space facilities, this bespoke software will monitor equipment status and performance, manage energy, and facilitate internal communication, ensuring swift responses to any operational hiccups.

  3. Public-oriented Software and Developments: Eolisa Space intends to address both sectoral and societal perspectives by developing software and apps that provide public access to space technologies, including satellite tracking, celestial body information, and educational content.

  4. Eolisa Space Software Development Laboratory: Beyond these projects, we plan to establish a Software Development Lab within Eolisa Space. This lab will support the development of the mentioned projects and aim to bolster Turkey's software development ecosystem, marking a significant step in advancing the country's capabilities in space technologies.


At Eolisa Space, our goal with these software solutions is to enhance Turkey's prowess in space technology, broaden the economic and social benefits of this field, and position the country as a leader in space technology. Through the EOLS Hub and our upcoming software projects, we are opening doors to the future of space exploration, inviting global funding and collaboration to join us in this pioneering venture.

At Eolisa Space, we recognize the growing influence of artificial intelligence in various industries. However, we are committed to ensuring that human expertise remains at the core of our operations. Unlike many corporations that rely heavily on AI, Eolisa Space pledges to prioritize human intelligence and creativity in our projects. This commitment extends to our EOLS Hub platform, where data analysis and educational content development will be driven by skilled professionals. We believe in creating opportunities for qualified individuals to thrive, ensuring a sustainable future where human ingenuity leads the way. By emphasizing human involvement, we aim to minimize potential threats posed by AI and safeguard the future for all.

Charting the Cosmos: Join Eolisa Space on a Voyage Beyond the Stars

At Eolisa Space, we embark on a journey that goes beyond mere exploration to redefine new horizons. Our mission transcends the ordinary, setting a course for innovation and technological leadership that encompasses everything from education to cutting-edge observatories and revolutionary software solutions, including the transformative EOLS Hub. Our venture into the mysteries of the universe is fueled by a commitment to advancing scientific research and human progress.

Eolisa Space is dedicated to supporting sustainable development and scientific integrity, not serving the agendas of powerful alliances but navigating by the light of independent science. Our goal is not just to reach the stars but to venture beyond them.

This journey is not only about pushing the boundaries of science and technology but also serving as a source of inspiration for everyone who joins us. Eolisa Space is more than a gateway to the cosmos; it is a partnership filled with limitless possibilities, a collaborative effort to shape the future.

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